workshop on employment opportunities research1

Accueil / workshop on employment opportunities research1

The empowerment center of Ibn tofail university organises a workshop on employment opportunities research in collaboration with National Agency of Employment Promotion (ANAPEC).
*- Aims of the workshop: *
The objectives of the workshop on employment opportunities research organized by the Empowerment Center of Ibn Tofail University in collaboration with the National Agency of Employment Promotion (ANAPEC) include:

1. *Educational Objectives:*
- To educate students and participants about effective methods for researching employment opportunities.
- To enhance participants' understanding of the current job market trends and demands.

2. Skill Development:
- To equip participants with practical skills in conducting job market research, including use of online resources, networking strategies, and data analysis.
- To improve participants' ability to identify and analyze employment trends relevant to their field of study or interest.

3. *Career Guidance:*
- To provide guidance on how to interpret job market data and translate it into actionable career strategies.
- To help participants develop personalized career plans based on their research findings and career goals.

4. *Networking Opportunities:*
- To facilitate networking between participants, university representatives, and professionals from ANAPEC to foster potential job opportunities and collaborations.

5. *Empowerment and Motivation:*
- To empower participants by providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the job market successfully.
- To motivate participants to proactively seek out and pursue employment opportunities aligned with their skills and aspirations.

6. *Collaborative Partnership:*
- To strengthen the collaboration between Ibn Tofail University and ANAPEC in addressing employment challenges and supporting students' career development.

- How to Apply:
Please fill the form below by July 9th, 2024
Registration Link:

- Important Date and venue:
The workshop will be held on the 9th July 2024 at the the Empowerment Center , Ibn Tofail University